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Why Choose TRIS

The Complete Smart School with Experience Of 10+ Years!

The perfect setting for nurturing young minds.
The classrooms which are well-lit, spacious & airy with specially designed furniture.
Modern teaching concepts, methodology & techniques where teachers make students computer friendly. Through audio-visuals & multimedia, learning becomes easy, enjoyable & playful.
High standards of education and study.
Well equipped library.
Transportation arrangement.
Subject oriented laboratories
Annual magazine for unfoldment of literary facility.
Well equipped playing area
Special Educators & Counsellor
Periodic medical checkup
The school gives a number of prizes, awards and scholarships in recognition of student’s merit.

We understand that making decisions for your child’s education can be challenging. The Radiant International School, Surat is proud to offer an unparalleled educational experience that will inspire your child to reach their full life potential.

“The Radiant International School, Surat aims at nurturing individuals with paramount values and multivalent competencies. This is accomplished by focusing not only towards academic excellence but also all round development of the child, his character and personality, aesthetic refinements, effective skills and the art of living.”

What makes us a school of choice for Parents? Here are few reasons why parents entrust us to educate their children

Excellent Infrastructure

The Radiant International School is an attractive, well-resourced school with more than six thousand current enrolments. A galaxy of educational institutions from Pre-schools to Higher Secondary School, with world class infrastructure, salubrious and well maintained Wi-Fi enabled campuses, well equipped libraries and Hi- tech laboratories and a dedicated and seasoned academics, support an ideal and conducive environment for providing education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

Modern teaching concepts, methodology & techniques where teachers make students computer friendly. Through audio-visuals & multimedia, learning becomes easy, enjoyable & playful. We have a well equipped library.

Caring community of educators and learners

Positive learning environments and engaging instruction help all students achieve success. The way students interpret their interactions with their teacher can have a lasting impact. Our teachers place great emphasis on creating strong relationships with their students in order to motivate and encourage them in their academic learning.

Collaboration Approach

Our collaborative approach provides students the opportunity to play an active role in their education and take ownership of their futures. At all ages, students balance engaging independent study with stimulating group work and team collaboration. We are committed to educating children academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Real World Application

Real-world applications are critical. We focus not only on promoting student success in the classroom, but far beyond it and for years to come. The Radiant International School learners are equipped with life tools. Learners are confident, inspired and prepared.

Smart Learning and Digital School

Being the top CBSE school in Surat, Smart classrooms are an integral part of a student’s academic infrastructure to provide an exceptional learning experience. Combining both traditional and modern technologies, TRIS features a tech-savvy campus with an emphasis on virtual classes conducted by our expert faculty, giving students an opportunity to learn from the best.

Our Learning Philosophy

Everyone’s a student. Everyone’s a teacher.

When we think of “school,” or even “learning,” we tend to think of students and teachers in a classroom. Humans have a natural instinct to educate ourselves, and we all have the capacity to share what we’re most interested in with others. Meaningful learning is not about the hours of formal education received, or the amount of information retained, but about engagement with the world.

We all learn in different ways and at different rates

We learn through social interaction
We all learn in different ways and at different rates
Learning needs to be relevant, meaningful and purposeful

Some students learn things very quickly while others are slow learners. Quicker isn’t necessarily smarter. Many times, slow learners are better performers than fast learners. All human beings are different.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking encourages students to use a variety of approaches to solve problems, analyze multiple viewpoints, adapt ideas, and arrive at new solutions. We encourage learners to value their own ability to think creatively, and encourage them to use their unique ways to demonstrate their talent.

Why Us?

  • Home-like Environment
  • Safety and Security
  • Quality Educators
  • Fun Activities
  • Interactive Atmosphere
  • Certified Educators
  • Digital Classrooms and Interactive Panels
  • Transportation arrangement.
  • Huge Play Area and Ground
  • Excellent Results
  • Guest Speaking Industry visit and Workshops
  • Project-based learning
  • Storytelling pedagogy